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Approve Your Design Theme Before Paying Us

Whitsunday Web Design
Whitsunday Web Design is dedicating to offering the highest quality website solutions to businesses in and around the Whitsunday region.


Have you already dealt with a web designer and not received a website to the standard you thought it would be? We combat this by presenting a shortlist of possible designs to you after chatting with you about what you would like to achieve in your business and how you would like your website to be a part of that. You DON’T PAY A CENT until you approve your design. Once that happens, it is just a matter of us coding it all up, adding in your branding and all adding all of your content. Our process is simple. To most business owners the internet can be confusing enough even before thinking about marketing their business on it. We remove that stress along with the risk of being sold a sub-standard service. Our clients win.

Your Choice of Design

The problem with most web designers is they cannot be specific about what your website will look like before you have already paid them to start work. Whitsunday Web Design lets you choose from thousands of existing design themes which are already working for real businesses.

Super Easy To Update

We will build your new website on a popular platform called WordPress which will allow you to easily make updates to your website from anywhere in the world (all you need is an internet connection). Whitsunday Web Design clients find WordPress simple regardless of their existing computer skills.

100% Mobile Friendly

Almost 50% of all internet traffic is mobile (including tablets). With that in mind, it is important not to discriminate against the mobile users on your website by making it harder for them to find what they need. Whitsunday Web Design websites are all mobile responsive.

FREE Design Shortlist

We’ll find present designs to us based on your business goals before you even sign up. Who else is offering that?

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Why You Need to Have a Website Designed

As technology progresses by leaps and bounds, don’t get left behind. In this day & age, a website is not only an important element of a successful business, it is a vital one. Whitsunday Web Design is on the cutting edge of internet marketing. We understand the necessity of creating a strong and attractive website, helping to promote your brand the best way possible. Even if most of your business is done in person, many customers search online to find the best local businesses in their area. Whitsunday Web Design will make sure you are fitted with a properly designed website to help drive more customers to your business.


At Whitsunday Web Design, we know the in’s and out’s of a well-designed web page and the importance of aesthetics and professionalism. We at Whitsunday Web Design strive to create pages which are well-structured and easy to navigate–making your business accessible to all types of customers.


With the majority of businesses now online, it is important to have a website which stands out in the crowd. Whitsunday Web Design will work closely with you to design the best site to showcase your business and promote your unique brand. Our web design services take into account the widespread popularity of mobile devices for internet access, and Whitsunday Web Design will provide you with a mobile-ready version of your site. We’ll make sure your website looks top notch, whatever your customers use to access the web.


At Whitsunday Web Design, your input will be extremely valued, as we create a site which will maximise your business. You can preview our designs before you commit, ensuring that you get the design which suits you best. Whitsunday Web Design will combine our talents with your business passion to build you a site that gets results.